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Water-based laminating adhesive H4008


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Hansman water-based laminating adhesive is mainly used for anticorrosion of metal sheet joints and cabinet cavity.Hansman water-based laminating adhesive, in water-like liquid state, can be easily injected into the cavity or joints of the box. Leaves a high-adhesive, tough resin coating on the metal surface, which effectively prevents the metal from rusting.

Product Description

Hansmann H4008 water-based laminating adhesive is mainly used for parts with cavities such as car bottom, body, longitudinal beam and so on.After the body-in-white after welding, after basic anti-rust treatment, water-based laminating glue is injected to let the excess laminating glue flow out, and the hot air blows dry to form a protective film, so that the outside water droplets can enter without gaps, which plays an anti-corrosion role.Water-based film injection anti-corrosion process

Application Scenario 2

Water-based laminating adhesive application scenario 2