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Threadlocking Sealant H277


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H277 thread-locking sealant is a single-component, high-viscosity, high-strength, difficult-to-remove, and excellent medium-resistance thread-locking sealant anaerobic adhesive.The product cures when isolated from oxygen and in contact with metal.
Scope of application
H277 Threadlocking Sealant is suitable for permanent locking and sealing of M24-M36 threaded fasteners.Difficult to disassemble, if necessary, heat to 150 ℃ to disassemble.

Product Description

Hansman 277 Threadlocking Sealant

Model: H277           Specifications: 50ml/250ml/bottle

project Test standard Typical value scope
chemical composition
Exterior Q/HSM02-2008 red homogeneous liquid
Viscosity (mPa s) (3#, 30 files) GB/T2794-1995 2200 2000~2500 (thixotropy)
Density (g/cm3) GB/T13354-1992 1.1 1.0~1.2
Fixed time (min) Q/HSM02-2008 20 15~25
Full solid time (h) Q/HSM02-2008 24 ≥24
Breaking moment (N m) GB/T18747.1-2002 30 25~35
Average dismantling moment (N m) GB/T18747.1-2002 32 25~40
Maximum filling gap (mm) Q/HSM02-2008 0.25
Working temperature (℃)


        Hansmann thread locker ensures that the bolts are not loosened during the operation of the machine, and prevents the machine from malfunctioning due to loosening of the bolts.When liquid thread-locking glue is dripped into the bolt or screw hole, the Hansman thread glue will fill the thread gap. It is integrated, so as to play the role of sealing, anti-loosening and anti-corrosion.

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