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Threadlocking Sealant H272


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Hansmann one-component anaerobic adhesive H272, high viscosity, high strength, high temperature resistance up to 230 ℃.Provides fast cure to most metal surfaces.Suitable for locking and sealing of threaded fasteners that require permanent locking.The product cures between metal sealing surfaces that are isolated from oxygen.

Product Description

Hansmann Threadlocker Sealant H272

      Model: H272        Specification: 50ml/bottle

project Test standard index
Exterior Q/HSM02-2008 red liquid
Viscosity (mPa.s) GB/T2794-1995 3000~4000              (thixotropic, 3# rotor 30 gears)
Initial solidification time (min) JB/T7311-2008 10~25
Breaking moment (NM) GB/T18747.1-2002 25~40
Average dismantling moment (NM) GB/T18747.1-2002 25~35

272 Threadlocker

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