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Table Top Resin Adhesive


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Hansmann table top resin is a filling and curing resin.After the oily liquid glue is mixed, it will condense into a high-strength, transparent crystal at room temperature.The potting material can be filled with various colors and various built-ins in the resin body according to the design requirements.Use conventional plastic sheets, spliced ​​into the shape of the desired item, fill the table top resin and solidify.Used in conjunction with the engraving machine, it can make various models. The strength of the crystal is similar to that of FRP, which is enough to support daily objects of regular weight.

Product Description

table top resin glue

Hansman table top resin glue is widely used in various electronic circuit boards, ship guard plates, and various hand-made moldings. It has the advantages of high insulation, toughness and shock absorption, and high molding strength.

Table top glue

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Hansmann table top resin glue