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Silicone rubber plane sealant H598


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H598 silicone rubber flat sealant is a black, one-component, deoxime type room temperature vulcanization, medium extrusion rate, neutral adhesive layer, non-corrosive silicone sealant.Excellent oil resistance, chemical medium resistance and weather resistance.
H598 plane sealing silicone rubber is suitable for plane sealing of power machinery, general machinery and other equipment.

Product Description

Hansman H598 silicone rubber flat sealant

Model: H598         Specifications: 310ml/piece

project Testing Standard typical value scope
color Q/HSM03-2017 black
Density (g/cm3) GB/T13477.2-2002 1.26 1.1-1.3
Exterior Q/HSM03-2017 Fine and even paste
Surface dry time(min)  (23℃/50%RH) GB/T13477.5-2002 8 ≤30
Curing speed (mm/24h) Q/HSM03-2017 3 2~6
Pressure flow viscosity (φ2.6mm 0.3MPa, s/20g) Q/HSM03-2017 7 4~10
Tensile strength (MPa) GB/T528-2009 2.2 1.0~3.0
Elongation (%)
215 150~300
Hardness (Shore A) GB/T531-2008 53 ≥30
Shear strength (MPa) GB/T7124-2008 1.4 1.2~3.0
Working temperature (℃)


H598 silicone rubber plane sealant

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