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Modified Silane Bonding Sealant H5908


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H5908 Modified Silane Sealant is a white, one-component, silane-modified polyether, room temperature moisture curing, non-flowing, permanent flexibility after curing, paintable, UV aging resistance, and a general-purpose sealant with excellent weather resistance.It is solvent-free, isocyanate-free, odor-free, environmentally friendly, and has a fine and particle-free appearance.
Scope of application
H5908 modified silane sealant is suitable for seam sealing of vehicles, containers, metal structural parts, etc.

Product Description

Hansmann modified silane adhesive sealant

Model: H5908             Specifications: 310ml/piece

project Test standard Typical value scope
chemical composition
Silane-modified polyether
color Q/HSM26-2017 White
Exterior Q/HSM26-2017 Fine and even paste
Density (g/cm3) GB/T13354-1992 1.3 1.20~1.40
Dry time (min) GB/T13477.5-2002 40 ≤60
Curing speed (mm/24h) Q/HSM26-2017 3.2 February 4
Pressure flow viscosity (25℃, 0.3Mpa, φ2.6mm, S/20g) Q/HSM26-2017 6 May 12
Tensile strength (MPa) GB/T528-2009 2.5 ≥1.0
Elongation (%)
250 ≥200
Hardness (Shore A) GB/T531-2008 50 40~60
Shear strength (MPa) GB/T7124-2008 1.6 ≥1.5
Tensile strength retention rate after UV-resistant aging (wavelength 340nm, 1500h) GB/T14522-2008 85% ≥70%
Working temperature(℃)


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