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Insulation core board adhesive


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Hansman thermal insulation core board adhesive can ensure reliable bonding between core material and panel in various environments, and ensure reliable bonding and leak-proof sealing between boards during the assembly process of thermal insulation boards.Prevent the insulation board from detaching from the core board, air leakage and water leakage at the connection of the box insulation board, resulting in damage to the car box and refrigeration failure.

Product Description

Hansman insulation core board adhesive is divided into core material and panel adhesive, panel and panel adhesive.The adhesive between the core material and the panel is a high-toughness adhesive. The core material is soft and the high-toughness adhesive can effectively prevent the plate-core from being detached due to deformation of the plate.The panel-to-panel adhesive is a low-toughness adhesive, and the panel is made of metal. The low-toughness adhesive can effectively prevent the panel from deforming, resulting in a larger connection gap and failure of thermal insulation and sealing.

Insulation core board adhesive product characteristics

Insulation core board adhesive

                                                                   Application scenarios

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