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Instant Adhesive HS401


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Hansmann instant adhesives (HS401, HS406, HS495) are used for quick bonding and positioning of various materials.It is suitable for the bonding of glass, ceramics, rubber, plastic, wood, metal, fabric and other materials. It is a general-purpose adhesive with simple operation. It is the most commonly used positioning and bonding material in machine assembly.2. It can be used to make rubber seals of different types and specifications, and to bond various interior materials.

Product Description

Hansman instant adhesives (HS401, HS406, HS495) are classified into three types: low-viscosity quick-drying type, medium-viscosity quick-drying type and high-viscosity slow-drying type according to viscosity and bonding time.

The lower the viscosity, the faster the adhesion, and the higher the viscosity, the greater the adhesion.

Model: HS401    Specification: 20g/bottle

Instant Adhesive Product Features

Instant Adhesive 2

401 Instant Adhesive-20g

instant glue

instant glue

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