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Glass Strengthening Adhesive H330


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Hansman glass strengthening adhesive ensures that the glass will not fall off and hurt people after it is broken.The liquid water-like glass reinforced adhesive is coated on ordinary glass, and under the sunlight, it forms a transparent resin film with extremely high bonding strength with the glass.After the glass is broken, the broken glass slag is covered by the film to strengthen the glass.After the cracked glass is coated with reinforced glue, the reinforced glue penetrates into the crack gap, and after the glue is cured, the glass crack is firmly bonded into one, which plays a repairing role.

Product Description

Hansmann glass strengthening adhesive

Hansmann glass strengthening adhesive is suitable for all glass crack repair and protection. It is a necessary glass safety protection item for driving and home.Can be brushed or wiped with cotton yarn.The cured transparent coating does not harm the human body, and glass products exist in every detail of life, which is the safety guarantee of the family.

Glass strengthening glue

Glass Reinforced Adhesive Product Features

characteristic Test standard performance
外  观 Q/HSM02-2017 Colorless transparent liquid
Density (g/cm3) GB/T13354-1992 1.1
Initial solidification time (s) under UV lamp
Solid time (s) under UV lamp
Cured transmittance%
Shear Strength (MPa) Glass - Glass GB/T18747.1-2002 24
Shear Strength (MPa) Steel Plate - Glass
Working temperature (℃)

Use analog effects

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