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Efficient cleaning agent H755


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Efficient cleaning agent H755It is a low-odor, non-flammable, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning agent.It can effectively remove oil stains on the metal surface, has strong volatilization, and does not need to be wiped, which can greatly improve the technical indicators of the joint surface performance of Hansman series industrial products and matrix materials.

High-efficiency cleaning agent H755 is suitable for steel mills, wind power, power plants, coal mines, automobile manufacturing and other fields, cleaning various equipment, oil stains on the surface of precision parts, etc.Excellent pre-treatment for bonding and sealing surfaces, suitable for all normal temperatures, especially suitable for low temperature degreasing.


Product Description

HansmanH755 efficient cleaning agent

Model: H755    Specification: 400g/bottle

Accelerator 4-H764-250ml-Product Features

H755 efficient cleaning agent 2

H755 efficient cleaning agent 1

H755 efficient cleaning agent