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Anti-stone chip coating H4002


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Hansmann anti-stone impact coating is mainly used for spraying the bottom of the vehicle and the parts of the wheel fenders that are often hit and scoured by sediment, gravel and sewage.General coatings, which are easy to fall off under the impact of sediment, Hansman anti-stone chip coating, in paste form, sprayed or brushed to the parts prone to sediment impact, in the process of baking paint, high temperature bonding and curing into a tough resin coating, effective Prevent the impact of sediment and gravel on the metal plate, and reduce the driving noise under the vehicle.

Product Description

Anti-stone chipping coating

Sman H4002 Anti-Stone Impact Coating is an impact-resistant and noise-reducing material, which can convert vibrational mechanical energy into thermal energy and dissipate it.

Anti-stone chip coating product characteristics

Model: H4002            Specifications: 250kg/drum

characteristic Test standard performance
Exterior Q/HSM31-2017 gray paste
Density (g/cm3) GB/T13354-1992 1.37
Standard curing conditions Q/HSM31-2017 140℃/25min
Adhesion (grade) Q/HSM31-2017 4
Elongation (%) GB/T528-2009 160
Shear strength (MPa) GB/T7124-2009 2
impact resistance Q/HSM31-2017 No cracking, no peeling
flame retardancy Q/HSM31-2017 Self-extinguishing within 10s
Cold resistance (-40℃/3h) Q/HSM31-2017 Adhesion meets requirements, no cracking, no peeling
Heat and humidity resistance (50℃, 95%RH/168h) GB/T1735-2009 No adhesion loss, no cracks, no embrittlement

Hansman H4002 Anti-Stone Shot Coating

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