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Activated cleaning agent CL-01


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Hansman Polyurethane Activated Cleaner CL-01
Specially designed for the pretreatment of bonding surfaces prior to the use of Hansmann urethane adhesives in glass bonding operations.It has the effect of improving adhesion, and the applicable substrates include glass, ceramic edged glass, the cut surface of old polyurethane tape, polyurethane coated glass or polyurethane paint surface.

Product Description

Hansman CL-01 Activated Cleaner

Model: CL-01   Specification: 250ml/bottle

project Typical value
Exterior Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid
Base chemical composition Ethanol, heptane
Density (g/cm3) GB/T6750-2007 约  0.7
Flash point (℃) -4
Coverage (ml/m2) 45±10
Construction temperature (℃) 5~40
Drying time (min) ≤10
store stored in  Cool and dry place at 0-25℃
Shelf life 1  年
Test environment: temperature 23℃/relative humidity 50%

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